Jackson Mississippi Choice Hotel

Family, owned since 1985, strives to set us apart from other budget accommodations by offering clean, affordable rooms, good food, good service and a high level of customer service. We are well suited for longer stays, long term rentals or longer stays.

We are a first class hotel for families, couples, single and couples with children as well as families with children. Our location offers great views of the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico, and we are just a short drive from downtown Jackson, Mississippi, the largest city in Mississippi.

Travel restrictions, including self-quarantine, may be in place due to COVID-19, so please choose Hickory Hills to get the biggest savings. We are located in the heart of downtown Jackson, Mississippi, a short drive from the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico and are accessible from all OYO hotels. Our inn is located in a historic building, the George Lucas Hotel, at the corner of North Main Street and Main Avenue in Jackson.

Clarion Inn & Suites Atlanta Downtown has fully refundable rooms, which can be cancelled within a few days of check-in. The Hampton Inn Charleston North features a full suite of fully refundable rooms, all on-site. You can cancel within a few hours or within the first 24 hours of arrival.

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B Natchez is located in Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, in the center of the state and conveniently located off the Interstate. The resort has a beautiful view of charming Gautier, Mississippi and has a long history of having had its fair share of visitors from around the world. It is perched on a high rock towering over the Mississippi River and is just a short walk from downtown Jackson and downtown Jackson.

Travellers will find a wide range of food and drinks at B Natchez, as well as a wide selection of hotels and restaurants. Enjoy views of the Mississippi River, the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Smoky Mountains in the distance, all within walking distance.

Hickory Hill Lodge can accommodate up to 18 people and comes with new amenities, while the Hyatt offers options for grandparents and extended families. Check current rates and availability: Hickory Hideaway offers many of the same amenities that hotels and motels offer, but in its secluded location, nestled between hickories and trees in Shannon, Illinois, guests nestle into the hickory trees and receive family hospitality before, during and after their stay.

Crown Resorts Hickory Hills is one of the most popular hotels and motels in Tupelo, Mississippi. Located one mile from the Mall at Barnes Crossing, the Tupelos Hotel is the second largest hotel in Mississippi State and the third largest in Mississippi. It is adjacent to the Mississippi State Fairgrounds and Barnes Junction. When you book at the Hickory Hill hotel, you can enjoy many attractions for all ages, such as a golf course, shopping, dining and nature. Featuring an outdoor pool and golf courses, Hickary Hills offers a variety of amenities for adults and children, as well as a fitness centre and indoor and outdoor spa.

Ed is a friendly host who prepares a delicious breakfast at Razor's R & R, and the rooms are elegant and comfortable. Check-in includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and a free gift card for the Northside Inn Rochester Zomato. New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve, including a complimentary meal and a menu review at the North Side Inn in Rochester, New York!

No payment is required and we are located in a city (see map below). Natchez is located on the Mississippi in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi, just a few miles north of downtown Jackson. During the prehistoric era, it housed many of Mississippi's most famous restaurants and hotels, as well as a number of historic sites and attractions.

The Residence Inn changed in 1987 after it was acquired by Marriott International. Memphis, Tennessee, was the first Hampton Inn to be opened to the public, accommodating 128 rooms in a two-story building. The first Fairfield Inn hotel, run and developed by John Willard and Alice Marriott, was located on Fairfields Farm and offered breathtaking feasts for the eyes of the region. Jackson has 85 of the 364 restaurants in the top 100 in America, with only Times Square in New York City worse.

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