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From juicy desserts to toothless American classics, this Jackson restaurant promises to delight with flavor for everyone in the family. Rounding out the list of food your little ones will love are some of the most popular restaurants in Jackson, Mississippi, as well as some of our favorite local restaurants.

If you're looking for a selection of restaurants in Jackson, MS, this is the place to be. I was lucky enough to try most of the restaurants listed above, but what I couldn't try personally were recommendations from friends in the area.

I will update this article when I return and give you more fantastic options to choose from when you dine in Jackson. I would like to thank Visit Jackson for the above meals and will update the article with more information about other restaurants I have eaten in the next few weeks to give the guys a better idea of what to look out for and some more great restaurants to visit when they return.

Mississippi barbecue cuisine, at least here in Jackson, tends to draw from different styles of the South. Pull yourself up to the Pig Pint exhibition and make your favourite mashed potatoes and green cornbread with what Mr D claims to be the best chicken in the world. At the Old Country Store, you should be hungry, because the all-you-can-eat buffet has a lot to offer. The buffet offers southern comfort food, and there's what I would call new-age gourmet cuisine.

The crispy - fried - BLT crayfish with homemade tartare was outstanding, and equally delicious. Next time I hope to make it back to try the dinner menu, which includes pork chops with andouille corn bread, stuffing and allspice cheese and grains with allspice cheese. While Char's is a steakhouse, on your next visit I hope you try some of the New York stripes that are most tempting, as well as the grilled redfish.

The Old Capitol Inn opens for lunch from 11-2p, and the rooftop shack opens on September 10 from 5pm-10pm Lunch menu with orders from 11 am and kerb service from 12 noon to 2 pm, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as brunch menu. The OldCapitol Inn, open for lunch from 11A / 2p, dinner from 16.30 P-10p and a rooftop restaurant from 1800P / 10A.

Basil Downtown Limited Curbside at Basil & Fondren and Basil in the Fondsren at the Old Capitol Inn, open for lunch from 11A / 2p, dinner from 4.30pm P-10p and a rooftop restaurant from 1800P / 10A.

The chic restaurant serves brunch, lunch and dinner, and includes perfectly cooked fried steaks, oysters, chicken and pork chops and more. The tapas menu includes dishes such as shrimp and grains, pico de gallo, quesadillas and a variety of beers. The menu includes dishes such as cornmeal - fried oysters, pork belly, prawns, crab and crab cakes, macaroni and cheese, as well as a selection of salads and pasta.

Browse the menu and you will find a unique variety, including dishes inspired by classic dishes such as macs and cheese, macaroni and cheese, salads and pasta and more.

This restaurant offers a fantastic dining experience and features a Mississippi Music Experience and a wax museum if you want an after-dinner music experience. In a lounge, you can enjoy drinks and food and challenge yourself with the way the dishes are prepared. This restaurant will make you feel like you're in Jackson, MS, where food is made and the soul of the Mississippi is to be found.

This sushi joint is not the only place to grab a bar - a side seat - but it's one of the best places in Jackson. This upscale restaurant with a chef's table also offers guests access to a full bar and private dining area. The bar is a great place to eat, drink and enjoy a great view of Jackson's skyline.

Whether you visit Jackson, Ridgeland or Madison, you can still enjoy a great view of Jackson's skyline from the restaurant's private dining room. From steaks to red beans, Hahn has plenty of options to delight even the most picky eaters. Whether you choose a steak, steak fries, chicken wings or even a burger, that's what you get at this restaurant.

No Mississippi restaurant is complete without Chimneyville Smokehouse, and that's where we come in. The restaurant is located in a former railway depot and is known for its smoked pulled pork, pork ribs, chicken wings and more, smoked on a wood smoker using hickory wood.

On the gourmet side of the Fairview Inn, you can turn to chef Gary Hawkins, who turns out to be a Southern-inspired Californian cuisine. With a combination of Spanish and Southern influences, the restaurant's cuisine includes delicious options such as filet mignon on the stalk, macaroni and cheese, chicken wings and more. Desserts are decadent and amazing, with everything from chocolate chips to chocolate mousse and chocolate cakes to ice cream sundaes.

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