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The Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum has announced its class of inductees for 2016, which consists of former football players, coaches and administrators from Mississippi State University, as well as members of the University of Mississippi's football and basketball programs. They will be honored in a special ceremony Saturday, June 3, at the Mississippi Museum of Sports and Entertainment in Jackson.

This group will stand the test of time alongside other great classes that have represented the state of Mississippi, "said Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum Director and Executive Director Dr. John D. Smith. The class includes three former Mississippi State football players: Erick Jones, Ole Miss senior wide receiver De'Anthony Thomas and Ole Mississippi senior offensive lineman Dontre Wilson. They will be joined by a trio of the Rebels from the 2021 class, as well as former football and basketball players Erykah Badu, E.J. Green and Ole Miss.

If you're visiting the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, visit the museum's website for more information about the class, as well as a video of former football and basketball players Bob Jones, Erykah Badu, De'Anthony Thomas and Dontre Wilson.

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The game covers sports items from elementary and middle school to high school, college and professional sports. He also writes about sports for people who are not athletes but love sports, such as the story of the great Mississippi State baseball fan who died when he was ten years old. More is a weekly column on the history of sports in Jackson, Mississippi and the state of Mississippi. Erick played high school basketball in Mississippi, where he led the team to two state championships.

Randy then turned down offers from some of the country's best golf programs, but won 20 different tournaments as a junior to nurture the talent. In his junior year, he was named Mississippi Golfer of the Year by the Clarion Ledger and Ole Miss Team MVP. He won his first year in high school at Mississippi State University and his second year at the University of Mississippi and was named OleMiss's "Team MVP." In his junior year, he was not only named Mississippi Golfer of the Year, but also the team's MVP.

Randall was a member of three SEC championship teams and was named an All-SEC twice. Randall is also a three-time champion of Mississippi State and four-time champion of Mississippi State.

He won three SEC titles in doubles and singles and led Ole Miss to its first NCAA tournament. Metcalf was selected for the Senior Bowl by several groups this year as an All-SEC and American. He led the team with 14 doubles, two triples and three singles in the SEC tournament and Big 12 tournament.

He owns and operates three clubs in the Jackson metro area and is a member of the US Golf Association and the National Golf Club of Mississippi. He is very active in supporting junior golf throughout the state and is currently executive director of the Mississippi State Golf League and the Mississippi Golf Foundation.

Rick Cleveland is a sports journalist and is now a member of the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and the National Sports Writers Association. His father, Ace Cleveland, was also a sports writer and is currently the author of more than 300 books on Mississippi sports and sports history. Most recently, he published a coffee table book that chronicles the stories of many famous Mississippi athletes who were part of his high school basketball teams and college basketball teams, of which there are more than 300. He is the son of former Mississippi State University basketball coach Jerry Cleveland and his father Ace, who was also a sports writer and inducted into the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, as well as the Miss. State College Athletics Association and Mississippi College Athletics Association, among many others.

If you are a sports fanatic and want to learn about Mississippi sports culture, the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame is worth a visit. If you love sport, are a sports fanatic or just want to have the chance to get to know the world - top athletes from the Magnolia State - then this is definitely worth a visit.

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